Thayer Learning Center Sergeant

Thayer Learning Center: A Military School for Teens

Thayer Learning Center is a non denominational Christian boot-camp which offers a long term placement program of typically one year depending on the student’s progress. Thayer Learning Center consists of several different phases. Thayer Learning Center staff focus on these general areas: family relationships, behavior modification, and academics.

Family Relationships

Thayer Learning Center believes in families. Essential to the success of this intervention includes working together with parents and entire families as a team. Parents are encouraged to have frequent contact with their student’s family representative, and when appropriate the students are included. Communication is key to your family’s success during this educational experience. Together, they address important issues, help create understanding and forgiveness, set goals, and clear clouded vision.

Behavior Modification

Thayer Learning Center is a military style behavior modification boot camp and boarding school. Teenagers who are struggling with addiction, disrespectful behaviors, and a bad attitude are taught to be respectful through understanding that their choices have consequences. It is our belief that long lasting change can only come from within. Thayer Learning Center facilitates this realization through 24-hour supervised, guided, and real life education. Positive attitudes and behaviors are rewarded. Poor attitudes and behaviors are immediately confronted and redirected.


Education is a privilege. Because Thayer Learning Center is a behavior modification school, students quickly realize that to gain an education is a privilege and should be treated as such. Thayer Learning Center offers several choices for high school and College Prep. There is a high school diploma program offered with accredited courses. Students have the ability to move at their own pace and learning ability. Competent staff and tutors are provided at every stage of their education. Instead of focusing on high school, Thayer Learning Center emphasizes a college-bound curriculum. Thayer Learning Center takes special care in working with each teenager’s home school to ensure proper course work is completed in the event they return to their home school for graduation.

Thayer Learning Center teaches teens to hope for a bright future and where true happiness comes from. At Thayer Learning Center they work from the inside out to bring about a lasting change and a lifetime of happiness.