Cadet at a Military School for troubled teens

Cadet Life

As you might expect, life in a military school is highly disciplined and strict. Teenagers who are used to doing whatever they like with little or no supervision will have a hard time getting used to the regimented and strenuous schedule of a military school.

From their very first day onwards, cadets are required to perform regular and vigorous physical exercises for fitness as well as for discipline. Becoming physically fit helps each cadet learn to work hard and respect his body. Many military programs also enforce a strict diet to reinforce the goals of health and fitness.

Cadets wake up early and work hard every day, whether on service projects, physical education, or academics. There is no room for disobedience. The tight schedule of military life helps each cadet develop a good work ethic, determination, and endurance.

Female cadet working on a service project All cadets are required to adhere to strict and non-negotiable rules and to obey superiors without question. Attention to detail and respect for authority are emphasized constantly. Order, punctuality, courtesy, teamwork, respect, kindness, and goal setting are some of the main focuses around which most military programs center.

A cadet may earn appropriate rewards and privileges by displaying excellent obedience and responsibility. Advancement and promotion are the main goals for each cadet. Becoming strong, self-reliant, and truly responsible in life provide every cadet with invaluable tools that she will rely on for the rest of her life.

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