Cadets at a Military School for troubled teens

Military Schools for Teens

If your teen is giving you attitude, being disrespectful, or just needs some structure a military school could be the answer. Military schools and boot camps remove teens from negative outside influences and help them develop discipline, respect, and responsibility.

Which School is Right for your Teen?

There are several different types of military schools and other programs for teens. There are long term, short term, residential, therapeutic, and even wilderness programs just to name a few. Choosing the program that will help your teen is very important. For example, if your child is needs to change many negative behaviors, a short term boot camp alone will probably not have the results you are looking for. Boot camp is great to get teens back in shape, motivated, and teachable, but without further training your teen will probably fall back into old habits. We strongly recommend coupling strict boot camp with a residency program or boarding school. These programs can help the transition between boot camp and home life, and it can be a place where your child proves his newly developed self-discipline as he transitions back into a normal lifestyle. Thayer Learning Center is a good example of a school like this.

If you are wondering what type of school will fit your teen and his or her situation, please contact Parent Help today and we will give you a personalized recommendation and help with the enrollment process. The Parent Help Center works with a variety of boot camp and military-style programs, as well as several other types of programs. We offer free consultations and assistance to help you through this difficult time. Get Help! See your Options! Click here today, or fill out our contact form and we will call you.